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SmartCarrying Cases for SmartStrings and SmartCamber tools

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As of October 2016 Smart Racing Products is happy to announce our new carrying cases for SmartStrings and SmartCamber. 

The SmartStrings case holds all the parts and pieces of the tool in several pockets or sections. Made of extra heavy gauge padded nylon and use of a high quality coarse toothed zipper that allows easy opening and closing, and has two strap type handles for convenient transporting. It's a high quality product that's designed for years of rugged use.

SmartCamber carrying case holds the SmartCamber gauge and the Hands-Free adapter in two separate sections in the case so the tools are protected and separated. This allows the tools to be safely stored and transported lying flat to take up less storage space. Constructed of heavier gauge nylon and features a full length zipper and two handles. It's a high quality case that's well thought out and rigorously tested.