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Scale Pads and Accessories

  Scaling your race car is one of the most important practices that you can do to improve the handling of your vehicle. Whether on the track or on the street proper weight balance will affect many aspects of vehicle handling, from performance to reliability. This level of chassis set-up requires that the weight balance is set correctly for the car, driver, and driving conditions.

In order to achieve proper and repeatable weight balance, a quality set of electronic scales will be needed. We realize there is always a balance between performance and what our budgets will allow, that’s why we offer both ProForm and Intercomp systems.

Intercomp is a world leader in precision measuring tools and has been serving the racing community for decades. While they are the more costly option their reputation and quality back it up. ProForm has developed a few new scale systems within the past 5 years. We have tested them at the track and our shop and find them to be a high-quality, cost-effective option for those getting started or needing an additional set.

Whichever kit you choose they will provide you with years of relible set-ups