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Oil Tank, Front Trunk Mounted Oil Tank for ’65-’89 911's

$ 1,150.00

This tank fits into the so-called smugglers or a/c box in ’65 to ’89 911’s.  The factory used to mount the oil tanks there for better weight distribution and easier access.  This tank is specifically designed to fit into that area.  It has been used for over 20 years and has been virtually trouble-free.  The internal baffling is designed to de-aerate the oil through a series of baffles and induced swirling.  It also has surge baffles to keep the oil at the oil feed tube to the engine under all driving conditions, cornering and braking.

The total volume of the tank is 1,102 cubic inches (4.7 gallons / 18 liters).

It’s typical operating volume is 3.5 gallons (13.3 liters) to the bottom of the upper baffle when the oil is hot.

*Includes Oil Tank Mounting Strap

Oil Tank Mounted Fittings List:

1) Oil inlet (from coolers etc): -16 (male)
2) Vent inlet from engine: -16 (male)
3) Vent to atmosphere: -16 (male)
4) Oil out (to engine): -16 (female)
5) Drain fitting: -8 (female), use with o'ring
6) Oil temperature sending unit: 1/8” pipe (female)

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